UBTECH: The A.I. Dream at Your Fingertips — Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

UBTECH: The A.I. Dream at Your Fingertips — Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

Artificial Intelligence

On December 14th, at the 2017 Artificial Intelligence Strategy Conference hosted in Beijing, UBTECH revealed its collaboration with global robotics experts as well as its plans within the AI industry. This “Unicorn” company from Shenzhen is set to experience a period of rapid development in 2017, and plans to launch the world’s first commercialized bipedal home robot in 3 years.

One of UBTECH’s founders, Zhou Jian, said he is considering introducing the first commercial humanoid home service robot operating system in the future. These service robots will be at the center of the evolution of interaction between humans and machines and UBTECH’s ultimate dream is to provide an intelligent service robot that can both talk and interact with humans in a useful manner.

James Chow UBTECH

UBTECH’s Founder, James Chow

UBTECH Robotics Corp. is an innovative global company that specializes in the research and development of robotics technology. Technology such as gait planning, motion control algorithms, and a humanoid robot-driven servo actuator, will allow a humanoid robot to go from the designs of the lab to the environment of the home.

Robot Family

UBTECH’s Jimu robotic family debuted at New York’s Times Square in November 2016. The 136 Jimu robots were assembled by children from 3 local schools in California, all of which have incorporated UBTECH robots into the schools’ STEM curriculum.

Cumberbatch in Times Square

Benedict Cumberbatch live from Times Square


During the Rio Olympics in August, the Washington Post deployed their own “robot journalists” to deliver fast and accurate coverage of the games. Using the algorithm “Heliograph”, the newspaper was able to quickly generate content to post. In China, the Alpha2 robot from UBTECH also appeared on CCTV news co-hosting the Olympics with a live commentator.

ubtech alpha2 on cctv

Alpha2 appeared on CCTV Olympic Coverage Live

In December 2016, a new generation of bipedal robots has been able to achieve human-like balance at the robotics lab of Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). Using an algorithm, the robots’ behavior is no different from humans. Upon walking, it will first test the ground stability and proceed to adjust its body balance accordingly.

altas robot from UBTECH

Atlas robot walking in IHMC robotics lab

Many Shenzhen enterprises have been globalizing in recent years, and groups of globally innovative companies continue to emerge and give birth to international brands. By virtue of its revolutionary technology and global strategy, UBTECH stands out among many innovative companies. It is listed in the “Globalization·Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies TOP 10“.


shenzhen 100 top 10 2016
goti deng at CSOFT summit

UBTECH’s Co-Founder, Goti Deng, at the 2016 CSOFT Summit

As early as 2008, UBTECH began to research and develop a humanoid robotic technology. Over a span of five years, UBTECH had to overcome numerous difficulties, and eventually solved a series of design and algorithm problems. As a result of conducting independent research and development of humanoid robot key technology, UBTECH applied for over 80 patents. Its advanced technology has reached Japan, Korea, as well as many more countries renowned for their advanced technology.

UBTECH recently launched its well received Alpha Robot series and Jimu Robot series, which are both mostly sold overseas. The Jimu Robot Tankbot Kit successfully landed in global Apple Store retail stores in 2016. According to reports, 70% of UBTECH’s annual sales share comes from European and American markets. Forbes also published a report on UBTECH’S innovation and the influence they have on the global market.

ubtech jimu tankbot applestore

TankBot lands in Apple Store retail stores


The global robot market is still an untapped market and China is working on accelerating its growth. UBTECH is currently involved in an application for 100 million US dollars of financing and the company has already reached 1 billion US dollars in value. Its 2016 sales reached 300 million yuan and sales are expected to reach 1 billion yuan in 2017.

In the next 3 years, the UBTECH X-Lab will be set up. With the introduction of top experts, institutions, and a more mature business layout, the future of UBTECH and artificial intelligence will be well worth the wait. UBTECH’s unique vision of human and robot interaction will surely be realized in the near future.