Super D - Seeing Is Believing - Shenzhen 100 Founder's Story

SuperD: Seeing Is Believing

Super D’s innovation and technology have given it the chance to lead the relatively new, and rapidly expanding, 3D industry. Its cutting edge ideas are set to provide an extra dimension to consumer viewing experiences by allowing users to watch 3D clips without the need for glasses.

In an industry as expansive and mercurial as the 3D technology market, it takes a fast rising company to navigate evolving technologies and unpredictable peaks and troughs of the market. We see this in SuperD, a rising 3D technology company founded by Mr. Ge Zhang. Ge is the visionary behind SuperD; his novel ideas and purpose have helped continuously evolve the 3D market. Mr. Michael Hsu is the CEO of SuperD, and is responsible for firm-wide operations. Hsu utilizes his extensive past experience as Vice President of Nokia to oversee the strategic direction of the firm, which is needed to successfully implement Ge’s vision. Together they form a unique and dynamic partnership of vision and execution.With respect to the 3-dimensional technology field, SuperD is still a dark horse. However, with over 600 patents and some of the most cutting edge products, it looks set to lead the 3D sector. Research and development is one of SuperD’s key attributes, a factor that allows it to lead the charge for Chinese companies in transforming the image of ‘made in China’ to ‘created in China’.SuperD’s creations vary in scope, from its innovations in new materials – liquid crystal screens for 3D illumination – to industry changing developments – glasses free, eye tracking 3D technology.SuperD is now positioned for growth, having moved from its modest headquarters to a brand new 23-story building with its ‘SuperD’ name and logo emblazoned on the top. As the limitless new world of 3D technology begins to dawn, it can only be the most agile and adaptable companies that benefit from change. Within their very different strengths, Ge and Hsu have laid the foundations for many more ‘dimensions of success’ to come.