DJI: Developing the Boundless Realm — Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

DJI: Developing the Boundless Realm — Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies |

This year TIME Magazine released “The 50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time”, and DJI Phantom is the only device from a Chinese company in the list. As a unicorn company, the latest valuation of DJI has reached $10 billion US dollars.


Dare to be the World’s First

Frank Wang, the founder and CEO of DJI believes that the policy of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to encourage everyone to seek opportunities in niche markets, rather than to compete in “red sea markets”, or markets which are very busy and have steep competition. New technology and new designs have the potential to grow in new “blue sea markets” where there are fewer players and more room for innovation and expansion.

DJI products

DJI aims to create superior products through its hard work. After 10 years of rapid development since its establishment, DJI has become an international market leader, creating the world’s most popular drones, the Phantom Lineup. Its latest iteration, the Phantom 4, uses so-called computer vision to see and avoid obstacles without human intervention. That makes it easier for rookie pilots to fly drones, making these devices more accessible than ever.

 The Biggest Drone Manufacturing Company in the World

DJI Store

The biggest market of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) devices is the United States, with a market share of about 30% – 40%, followed by the EU (including the UK), with a market share of 30%, and the Chinese mainland in the third place. DJI is now responsible for approximately 70% of all UAV sales worldwide. In 2016, DJI ‘s sales revenue will exceed 10 billion RMB.


Exploring Overseas Markets

DJI has applied for more than 1,500 various types of patents and has currently received authorized certificates for 457 patents. DJI, with its strong technical strength and a global market strategy, was selected as one of Shenzhen’s Top 10 Fast Rising Enterprises in the Shenzhen 100 report.

top10 at shenzhen 100 2016

Shenzhen 100 TOP10 family portrait in June 2016

DJI has over 5000 employees globally, about 1500 of them are R&D personnel who are experts in the machine vision field. To further expand in overseas markets, DJI established overseas R&D centers in the United States and Japan. The estimated market valuation of the UAV industry is estimated to increase to $27 billion USD by 2027.


Shunee Yee

Shunee Yee, an expert in the globalization and localization industry, described DJI as a “snow leopard” an animal known for its speed and agility. According to Yee, “in the early years, there were very few companies that had the ability to compete in international markets. Today, more and more Chinese enterprises are going global, but many of them have not yet realized the importance of strategic deployment and localization when expanding internationally.”


The Revolutionary Mavic 

DJI mavic

DJI’s Mavic

The revolutionary product, Mavic of DJI, has caused concern since its debut. As the most powerful portable intelligent UAV, Mavic brings truly unparalleled flight experience. The Mavic will surely lead the way of UAV, moving the drone industry away from professional entities and into the hands of the general public.