Royole: Invent the future — Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

Royole: Invent the future — Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

Flexible Display Technology

During Royole’s New Product Conference held in October 2016, founder and CEO Bill Liu, made an explosive announcement: a flexible display base, with over 10 billion RMB of investment, is under construction. A world-class generation 6 flexible display production line will be put into operation in 2017, with an annual production value of nearly 20 billion RMB. Flexible display technology is regarded as “the 21st century’s most ground-breaking innovation in electronic information.”

Royole Screen

In 2012, Stanford graduate Dr. Liu Zihong established Royole, with a presence in both Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. The company has since been at the forefront of cutting-edge industry development. In 2014, they released the world’s thinnest color flexible display with a thickness of merely 0.01 mm. September 2015 saw the introduction of Royole-X, the world’s first foldable HD VR intelligent mobile theater. In September 2016 “Royole Moon” was released, a 3D Virtual Mobile Theater with an 800 inch curved screen.

Akon China Royole

Shenzhen set to become the world’s next Silicon Valley


Shenzhen has undergone a miraculous transformation in recent years and is now a hotbed of creativity and technological enterprise. “The pattern of global innovation is undergoing a big reshuffle. China has a fantastic opportunity to nurture centers of technological innovation on the global stage. Shenzhen, a city with just 36 years of urban history, has the most potential, and may become the world’s next Silicon Valley.” said Ms. Shunee Yee, CSOFT CEO and leading entrepreneur in the globalization and localization industries.


Innovation gives people a better sense of the world

In 2015, at the age of 26, Dr. Bill Liu was named one of Forbes “Top 10 innovative people in China and the US”. “Royole’s mission is to make people better aware of the world,” he says. “Real innovation is ground-breaking and changes the way we think and live.”

bill liu

Enter the global market

Royole has three pieces of core technology: flexible display, flexible sensors, and VR smart devices. After a third round of financing, Royole is valued at over 3 billion US dollars and is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing “Unicorn” companies.

Royole has more than 200 R&D patents and intellectual property rights covering their core technologies. With more than 600 employees from 12 countries, many of the core management and technical personnel graduated from world class universities including Stanford, Tsinghua, and Peking.


Strong technical expertise and strategic global positioning earned Royole a place as one of the Top 10 Fast Rising Enterprises according to CSOFT’s Shenzhen 100 report. Shunee Yee, who commissioned the report, commented that: “DJI and UBTECH drive the consumer market, while the technologies of companies such as Royole and Appotronics are more ground-breaking. These new and original companies are beginning to lead the tech industry and establish their own standards of excellence.”


Flexible technology has great potential and could radically transform the next generation of electronic devices. The display technology of the future will reach new heights by way of human-computer interaction that may ultimately shape many fundamental aspects of our lives.