Kuang-Chi: The Future Is Now - Shenzhen 100 Founder's Story

Kuang-Chi: The Future Is Now

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Kuang-Chi’s  0439.HK: (%)  solid infrastructure, combined with founder Liu Ruopeng’s futuristic vision, leave it in a strong position to change the future of new materials. It takes into account the future of technology, with designs and innovation as expansive as they are ambitious.

Liu Ruopeng

Liu Ruopeng

When a company’s founder invests in a dream of the future it can only be called inspiring, and Liu Ruopeng, who founded Kuang-Chi in 2010, is a great example of such an investment. Liu originally caught the attention of the scientific world when he wrote an article in 2009 exploring the idea of an “invisibility cloak”, which aimed to use light bending technology to appear invisible to the naked eye. Since then, Liu has been selected as a top-level “863 specialist” in meta-materials; a national honor in China that is fitting for someone who is set to inspire the future.Another extension of Liu’s futuristic vision was Kuang Chi’s investment in 2014 in Martin’s Aircraft, a New Zealand-based company that created the Martin Jetpack. The Martin jetpack was demonstrated in front of a crowd of 2000 in Shenzhen in December of 2015, becoming China’s first ever public jetpack flight. It is on track to be released in 2016 and may be the next step in Liu’s ultimate dream: to realize and launch a space tourism program.Liu and Kuang-Chi have invested in a plethora of entrepreneurial products that challenge modern perceptions but also make sense for a modern business, compounding its destiny as a company of the future.
After only 5 years, the value of Kuang-Chi has skyrocketed with investors keen to be associated with their innovations. For example, the ‘Traveller’ is a helium balloon that can float in near space and the ‘Cloud’ is an innovative technology that is capable of providing internet access to millions of people. Liu has himself said that changing the world is like designing the future, and with Kuang-Chi’s current trajectory; it looks like his dream of times to come might be right around the corner.