Kuang-Chi: Heading to Space - Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

Kuang-Chi: Heading to Space – Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies


A Trip with Kuang-Chi

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Space, the increasing consciousness of machines and increased communication, These are three elements in the future of human life, Kuang-Chi creates a variety of products for the “Smart City”. It will make science fiction scenes and human dreams into realities.

Founder Story


Kuang-Chi was founded In 2010 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Kuang-Chi has developed a series of revolutionary technologies, such as Meta-RF electromagnetic modulation, meta-materials and intelligent photonics. The business covers aerospace, new space services, intelligent equipment and smart cities. In 6 years, Kuang-Chi has developed from an entrepreneurial team into a global innovation group.


Martin Jetpack

Kuang-Chi is a global revolutionary technology innovation company, with intellectual property rights and a world-class R&D team. Kuang-Chi is situated in 18 countries and regions, with more than 2,600 employees, with Chinese employees proportioning at 60% of the total workforce. Kuang-Chi has applied for more than 3,800 patents and authorized more than 2100 patents. When Kuang-Chi was established it had the task of facing up to the world market. Strong technical expertise and strategic global positioning earned Kuang-Chi a place as one of the Top 10 Risers, according to CSOFT’s Shenzhen 100 report.

Intelligent Photonics

Intelligent Photonics

Kuang-Chi plans to build and develop a space service-wide product chain and an alliance of global space technology. In May 2016, Kuang-Chi set up technology funds and incubators in Israel, investing 300 million USD. In June 2016, Kuang-Chi established the Asia Innovation Headquarters in Singapore and announced the strategy for their vision of the future city. They have also communicated with the leaders of business projects in government and institutions from the Congo, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and Norway.

Liu Ruopeng dressed in "Power Exoskeleton" equipment

Liu Ruopeng dressed in “Power Exoskeleton” equipment

Kuang-Chi’s founder Liu Ruopeng along with other Shenzhen Cenozoic technology experts, graduated from Duke University. When Liu Ruopeng become the president of Kuang-Chi Advanced Institute, he was only years old. Kuang-Chi succeeded in the backdoor listing in Hong Kong Stock in 2014, the market value was worth more than 18 billion HKD. Liu Ruopeng is the ninth-richest person  with a net worth of 7.5 billion RMB according to the Rupert Hoogewerf “Post-80s Rich List” ranking in 2016.