DJI: Running A Billion Dollar Empire - Shenzhen 100 Founder's Story

DJI: Running A Billion Dollar Empire

DJI’s exquisite portfolio features an array of different high-tech and extremely versatile drones. By combining today’s advances in smart phone technology with a growing trend of amateur photography,  DJI  is leading China’s drone industry through its innovation, and is right on the cusp of becoming truly global.

In recent deades we have seen the emergence of entrepreneurial success from a handful of Chinese visionaries. These talented individuals blend an ideal mix of vision, drive, and real love of what they do to overcome adversity and achieve incredible success. Frank Wang, the founder of DJI, is one such person. At only 34 years old, his youthful and lighthearted countenance conceals a man who works around the clock for most days of the week and keeps a bed in his office to catch up on long work and lost sleep. With a tireless work ethic and humble beginnings, DJI is now the biggest drone manufacturing company in the world – a company that is now responsible for approximately 70% of all Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sales worldwide.The advancements in drone technology enable us to capture perfect aerial shots of athletes running, climbing or skiing. They can film shots in movies that were impossible to create before, and even total surveillance of disaster zones that allow for lightning response rates.DJI’s innovations are beginning to make what was once impossible, possible.

Mr. Wang has stated that he considers Apple founder and visionary Steve Jobs as a major inspiration behind his work, and it is easy to understand why. Both men approached invention and entrepreneurship with the zeal of artists in the studio, and it is everyday people that benefit from the fruit of their labor. DJI itself has undergone extensive international research and development to arrive at its current stage of novel drone technology products and solutions. Today the drone industry is vastly expanding from consumer use to areas such as the commercial and industrial sectors increasing its estimated value to a staggering 27 billion dollars by the year 2027. DJI has already built industrial drones for agricultural use and is currently developing drones for the metals, mining, and construction industries. As the drone business continues to evolve, the application of its technology will continue to diversify. DJI will go beyond innovating for our leisure and pastimes and will become vital to the industries that support our society.