Chipscreen: We Discover New Drugs - Shenzhen 100 Founder's Story

Chipscreen: We Discover New Drugs

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Chipscreen combines its high-tech equipment and array of committed medical staff to research treatments for a number of prominent diseases. With a proven record of medical research discoveries already achieved, Chipscreen already has the experience and infrastructure to continue its success.


Dr. Lu Xianping

With the gradual immunity of bacteria from outdated medication through its overuse, and the lingering threat of incurable diseases like cancer still threatening global health, it is vital that innovation in medicine and drug discovery should be at its height. Dr. Lu Xianping, the founder of pharmaceutical research company Chipscreen, who has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Fortune Magazine, is at the international forefront of improving the quality of human life.Lu left a high profile career in a leading American pharmaceutical company after meeting in San Diego with several other promising PhD graduates. The opportunity to go back to his home in China to research and develop sustainable treatments for degenerative diseases outweighed the reason to stay working in the American pharmaceutical system. Since then, Chipscreen has left a strong impression on the international stage with its break-through drug ‘Epidaza’, a drug designed to fight lymph node cancer.

Chipscreen has already developed several series of original drugs and it has 60 compound patents worldwide with 863 Chinese scientific and technological patents. Its use of China’s available materials and more affordable environment for experimentation, which is one third the price of America’s, will provide it with countless opportunities and allow it to share its discoveries with the rest of the world. Lu’s drive to provide China with the experience of Chipscreen’s accomplished and talented scientists will prove invaluable in their four main fields of research – cancer, metabolic, auto-immunity, and osteoporosis.


As many Chinese companies rise as modern superpowers, sectors like ‘pharmaceutical medical research’ aren’t often in the spotlight. As Lu and Chipscreen focus on bringing new and innovative drugs to the vast Chinese populace, the entire world will benefit from their success.