Breo: The Gift of Health - Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

Breo: The Gift of Health – Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies

There has been an increasing amount of research on the effects of the continued use of electric screen products. An article entitled “Large-scale outbreaks of blindness in 3-5 years” has been circulating widely on the Internet,  it points out that we rely too heavily on electronic products, such as phones and computers, and explains how the screen’s blue light is greatly increasing our risk of eye problems and disorders. The focus on these detrimental effects of technology means that there is renewed interest in companies that can provide solutions.

Smart Healthcare

Breo is a Shenzhen-based provider of smart health care products, services, and solutions. It integrates research and development, production, and sales of massage products, such as head, eye, neck, and hand massagers. Its products  combine elements of traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology, and are known for their durability

Ma Heting, a Beijing native born in the 70s and founder and chairman of Breo, has devoted himself to innovating in the health field for 16 years, leading Breo to the forefront of the smart health product market around the world. He believes that the development of the Internet is seriously affecting living habits, so he has created smart health products to provide young people with great and healthy gifts. China has a long tradition of medicine, one which Breo has combined with modern technology and long-term research to develop four series of healthy massage products. These massage products can be used directly on various parts of the body to provide a personalized massage and effectively alleviate tensions.

Unique Perspectives

There have been decades of research regarding optimum efficiency and convenience when using electric health products and appliances. Mr. Ma focuses on the health needs of the younger generation, in a general attempt to understand the real health needs of the modern world. This can be done through the restructuring of personal habits, understanding the general physical condition, and accurately monitoring health.  Breo does not only insist on technical innovation, but also on developing unique perspectives on development strategies for the future. Building on its eye, neck, head, and hand massage products, the company has also released two all-new wearable products, “UME Watch” and “WOWO Gloves”. These smart health products are set to lead the global health industry in the future.

Healthy Balance

The CEO of CSOFT International, Shunee Yee, conducted an in-depth evaluation of Breo’s products and the company by taking into account nine different aspects of globalization. “There are many forms of globalization and innovation, what makes Breo so valuable is that they can really deliver a product that meets customer needs and conforms to market requirements,” explained Yee. When Yee experienced Breo’s products, she understood that the company did not just want to create an interesting product, but they wanted to improve the everyday comfort in people’s lives. “The development of Internet technology is making people lose a healthy balance in their lives. Breo’s technology retrieves that balance of power to give people a new approach to a healthy life,” Yee stated. “With Breo, we are able to enjoy the technology, yet still bring natural balance into our lives.”

Since its founding, Breo has established subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The company has also set up more than 100 direct-sale stores in major Chinese cities. At the same time, it has expanded into the Southeast Asian, European, and American markets, setting up companies in Hong Kong, America, Australia, and Europe. Their business network covers more than 70 countries and regions, and has been well-received in regions such as Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. Breo is increasing its investments in innovation and development, and actively advancing its globalization strategy. Its team of international designers from Hong Kong, Australia and other countries are able to clearly understand customer needs.

Breo is already extremely popular in Korea, with more than 30 stores in Seoul and Busan. It has dozens of networks in Japan, and has cooperated with Hitachi to create a new eye care device with a heating and cooling function developed with the needs of local consumers in mind. Breo has over 600 patents acquired at home and abroad, of which there are over 150 invention patents and 70 international patents applied for under the PCT. The company has also won the “German Red Dot Award” and “German iF Award”. Due to its global perspective and leading design standards, Breo was included in the 2016 Globalization • Shenzhen 100 Research Report and listed in the “Globalization – Shenzhen 100 Innovative Companies TOP 10 Risers”.

In July 2016, Breo Technology Co. Ltd., held an opening ceremony in Beijing and officially registered with the National Equities Exchange and Quotations to access the capital market. With this, Breo has leapt up from originally being an enterprise that operated solely with products to an enterprise that also specializes in capital management.