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  • DJI: Running A Billion Dollar Empire

    DJI: Running A Billion Dollar Empire

    DJI’s exquisite portfolio features an array of different high-tech and extremely versatile drones. By combining today’s advances in smart phone technology with a growing trend of amateur photography, DJI is leading China’s drone industry through its innovation, and is right on the cusp of becoming truly global.

  • Appotronics: The Crouching Tiger

    Appotronics: The Crouching Tiger

    Appotronics’ high quality products can be applied across sectors, ranging from cinema projectors and high definition 3D television, to educational, electronic whiteboards and pocket-sized wall projectors. It’s compact and dynamic projector products are set to provide incredible quality but also adaptability.

  • BGI: Decoding The Future For The Good Of Mankind

    BGI: Decoding The Future For The Good Of Mankind

    BGI researches and modifies human genes with its goal being to make its genetic sequencing and information cost effective enough for everyone to use and benefit from. Its exploration of human physiology and general medical science will help to pave the way towards greatly improved human health.

  • Royole: A Tale Of Two Cities

    Royole: A Tale Of Two Cities

    Royole’s products are a collection of exciting cross-industrial inventions. From its innovative flexible film technology, only one hundredths of a millimeter thick to its virtual reality racing and personalized 3D movie theaters, Royole has a product development pipeline that can remake the future of technology.