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  • Kuang-Chi: The Future Is Now

    Kuang-Chi: The Future Is Now

    Kuang-Chi’s solid infrastructure, combined with founder Liu Ruopeng’s futuristic vision, leave it in a strong position to change the future of new materials. It takes into account the future of technology, with designs and innovation as expansive as they are ambitious.

  • Chipscreen: We Discover New Drugs

    Chipscreen: We Discover New Drugs

    Chipscreen combines its high-tech equipment and array of committed medical staff to research treatments for a number of prominent diseases. With a proven record of medical research discoveries already achieved, Chipscreen already has the experience and infrastructure to continue its success.

  • Koradior: Family Ties

    Koradior: Family Ties

    Koriadior’s office blends chic fashion with utility in its impressive appearance and multi-functional applications. By capturing the middle age, female market in China with a showroom bristling with unique samples of its top line designs; Koriador is all set to dazzle the world.

  • SuperD: Seeing Is Believing

    SuperD: Seeing Is Believing

    Super D’s innovation and technology have given it the chance to lead the relatively new, and rapidly expanding, 3D industry. Its cutting edge ideas are set to provide an extra dimension to consumer viewing experiences by allowing users to watch 3D clips without the need for glasses.