Appotronics: The Crouching Tiger - Shenzhen 100 Founder's Story

Appotronics: The Crouching Tiger


Appotronics’ high quality products can be applied across sectors, ranging from cinema projectors and high definition 3D television, to educational, electronic whiteboards and pocket-sized wall projectors.  It’s compact and dynamic projector products are set to provide incredible quality but also adaptability.

For Appotronics founder, Dr. Li Yi, success did not come overnight. His story contains all the elements of a classic tale full of shock, perseverance, and triumph. After attending Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University and completing his Masters and Doctorate degrees at the University of Rochester, New York. Yi began his career at a software company called JDS Uniphase in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. During this self-described ‘crazy time’, Dr. Li and many of his coworkers lived prosperously as tech stocks inflated to unseen levels, making many of his colleagues ‘paper millionaires’. However, in 2000 the dotcom bubble burst and left thousands broke and unemployed. Rather than succumbing to economic disaster, Yi took a step back, worked on personal and career improvements, returned to China, and applied his skills and experience to develop his now revolutionary products.When discussing his story, Yi shares his belief that although entrepreneurs set out to change the world, they must often encounter despair and disappointment before enjoying success. Yi has been through these stages, and now like a crouching tiger, Appotronics is poised for greatness as it seeks global market expansion. Today, Appotronics’s ALPD laser light projectors are used in 30 cinemas in Shenzhen, 4000 cinemas across China, and cooperate with several IMAX cinemas to provide the best, and most current, visual enhancements. Yi’s rise, setbacks, and resilience have secured his place as one of the most experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs in Shenzhen.